Why Autumn is a golden time for the job market...

Summer is over, children have returned to school and Universities are preparing for their new yearly intake. This is the time of year when the global job market starts to pick up and opportunities to change employment become increasingly available. Now is the time to get CVs updated and to start searching for a new role.

Sally says: “Many of our clients look to recruit new staff in September and October - the Autumn is a really busy period for us, which runs through until Christmas. QHQ always welcomes lots of new clients and candidates on to our books in the Autumn, it’s an buzzing time for the industry as people start to move around both in the UK and internationally.”

According to the most recent figures from the UK Office for National Statistics, Estimates from the Labour Force Survey show that, between February to April 2017 and May to July 2017, the number of people in work increased, the number of unemployed people fell, and the number of people aged from 16 to 64 not working and not seeking or available to work also fell. There were 32.14 million people in work, 181,000 more than for February to April 2017 and 379,000 more than for a year earlier. The employment rate (the proportion of people aged from 16 to 64 who were in work) was 75.3%, the highest since comparable records began in 1971.

The UK Fashion and Textile Association reports that British-made clothing and textiles has seen the number of people employed in the sector grow by 9% in the past five years, and predicts that 20,000 more jobs could be created by 2020. European manufacturing is attracting business as increasing numbers of European clothing brands discover that producing goods closer to home can offer multiple benefits.

Sally: “QHQ has noticed an increase in the job sector as more brands and retailers opt for European manufacturing. The UK has a reputation for producing consultants with strong technical expertise. Key German international brands are currently recruiting across Europe (Spain, UK and Germany) for technical skills and often look to the UK market for technical expertise. QHQ have also recently supplied technical consultants for key British brands with factories in the UK. There are now lots of opportunities arising right across Europe.”

Kate advises: “Candidates should update CVs and Linkedin profiles before applying for new roles. Include new skills and experience you have gained and make sure your training is current. Registering with a specialist agency is a really good idea as they will often have inside knowledge of positions coming up that have not yet been advertised.”

QHQ’s top tips for a successful career move:

  • Update your CV and LinkedIn profile with new skills and experience.
  • Do your homework: focus on the jobs you want, find out who is recruiting and enrol with a specialist agency.
  • Organise your social media:  ensure your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are in-keeping with the image you want to present.
  • Brush up your industry knowledge: familiarise yourself with news issues that may impact the industry you work in. Attend an industry conference so you can talk with confidence at interview.
  • Update your training and technical skills.
  • Prepare references: Pre-warn two references that you are job hunting and they may be contacted by potential employers in the near future.
  • Use your contacts and networking skills to get the word out that you are preparing to make a career move.